You are currently viewing Nueva puerta manual para salas de cuidados intensivos de hospitales y clínicas, ICU 8300.

The industry’s only human-centric ICU door deliberately designed with respect for patients and caregivers in sensitive healthcare environments.

Stanley Access Technologies set out to design a better ICU experience for all, by designing a better ICU door; the new STANLEY ProCare 8300. The largest clear door opening in the industry, with simplicity and safety, engineered into its DNA.

In the ICU, where every second counts, the ProCare 8300 works safely and efficiently. Its new guidance system and self-correct system ensures flawless operation every time. Swing out is intuitive with just a light push of a button. Return from swing out is just as easy. No misalignments, no loud bangs and no need to remember to lock the panels back in place.

We’ve also patented a safer patient transport, by designing a safety-centric contoured handle that’s completely catch-less. Our positive latch hook is also catch-free, thanks to a retractable protective shield.

At STANLEY, we worked side by side with architects, nurses and healthcare professionals to create this new generation of excellence. Building prototypes, testing them, and refining them for 2 years.

But it’s in the real world of the ICU that the ProCare 8300 really performs.

Making the environment for patients and caregivers easier, safer and quieter

protecting the patient, and promoting healing

That’s Performance in Action.